A Community website where members can exchange information and ideas, offer low cost workshops and services.

Get help and advice with such things as sponsorship, backing, cheap venues, advertising, insurance, etc.

Members of the public may visit our Trainee's page for reduced price readings and services, to help them develop their skills. Or, visit the other pages to see the services offered by our excellent professionals.


Rainbow Healing Sanctuary is the brainchild of Pat McNally and Daniel Naughnane, who wish to welcome you to their networking website which they hope you will find both useful and inspiring.

For a small annual fee you can have your own page on this network to advertise your goods and services. Join like minded people and chat with them on the site forum. Offer and receive special discounts from other Rainbow Network members.

  Annual Fee £20.00

Rainbows and Release CD

Three meditative tracks by Pat McNally and Daniel Naughnane - Rainbow Healing Sanctuary.

Buy your copy here (knitted toys not included in price but can be purchased seperately)

  Rainbows and Release CD


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